The Lower Genesee Gorge - Rochester, NY

When Rochester was developing in the early 1800ís rivers were the primary power sources and transportation routes. Accordingly, much of Rochesterís early history involved the Genesee River and its gorge. This site describes several trips that can be made around the lower gorge of the Genesee River. The trips can be made by car, bicycle or on foot and are on roads and trails. Notably, on the west side of the river, the Genesee Riverway Trail. If you are biking, north of Seneca Park a mountain or other fat tire bike is needed. The distance from Lake Ontario to the Middle Falls is six miles. Sites can be visited individually or combined into trips. A convenient way for bikers or hikers to make shorter circular trips is to use the pedestrian bridge between Kingís Landing and Seneca Park.

The description has three sections. The first, Charlotte (pronounced shar-lot), covers the town of Charlotte from Lake Ontario to Turning Point Park. The second, the Maplewood Trail, covers the area between Holy Sepulchre Cemetery and the Middle Falls and the third, Gorge East, describes the return to Lake Ontario passing through the old village of Carthage and Seneca Park along the east bank of the river.

A map showing the trail route and some of the points of interest is here.

More information on specific locations can be found in the Local History Section of the Monroe County Library Central Branch.

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