St. Ann's Home

Shortly before 1898, the Home of Industry of Girls on East Main Street, where the Sisters of St. Joseph provided career training to girls, was converted to a home for aged women. In 1904, Bishop McQuaid changed the name from the Old Ladies Home to St. Ann's Home. A campaign fund was launched in 1904 to build a facility that would provide care to both women and men on Charlotte Boulevard (Lake Avenue).

Dedication of St. Ann's Home for the Aged took place on January 6, 1906, with Bishop McQuaid officiating. It was located at what is now 1971 Lake Avenue.

Three additions expanded the facility over the years: the north wing in 1912, the south wing in 1931, and the new convent in 1954.

The land was sold to Kodak in 1958 but the new facility on Portland Avenue was not occupied until 1962. Kodak built its new research labs on the land and a large parking lot on the west side. The Photonics Project is scheduled to occupy the building on the east side of Lake Avenue.

Map of St. Ann's property

The first open area beyond the buildings was the St. Ann's property.

Picture of Kodak Park showing St. Ann's property