Veteran's Memorial Bridge

Times Union Jan. 3, 1931 – City manager form of government started Jan. 1, 1928. The absence of bridges on the cities north side was a problem. They replaced the Smith Street Bridge and built the Veteran's Memorial Bridge.

TU Dec. 14, 1929 – The bridge will be concrete with a granite facing. This will extend the life of the bridge but since this is a comparatively recent type of construction it isn't know for how long.

Engineering estimates for the bridge are $3,250,000 with overall costs $3,700,000.

TU April 9, 1930 – The bridge will be 973 feet long and 175 feet above the river.

TU Feb 7, 1930 – Booth & Flynn Construction Company of Pittsburgh submitted low bid of $2,494,012.

D&C March 13, 1930 – Booth & Flynn begins preliminary work.

D&C June 11, 1930 – Maplewood Avenue will be relocated to run under the first arch of the bridge.

TU Oct. 12, 1931 – The American Legion of Monroe County does not feel that the naming of the new Ridge Road Bridge as a memorial is a sufficient memorial to those who died in the service of the country during the World War, but in view of the fact that the Gold Star Mothers desire to have the new bridge so named the American Legion believes the Legion and the community should respect the wishes of the Gold Star Mothers.

D&C Nov. 15, 1931 – Boulder wanted for a plaque for the Ridge Road Bridge was found during excavation for a house on Redwood Avenue (Road). The 20 ton boulder will be moved to the east side of the bridge.

D&C Dec. 28, 1931 – Three workers were killed in the erection of the bridge. A plaque dedicated to them is on the south side of the bridge in the center.

A plaque on the north side center reads, "Veteran's Memorial Bridge. This tablet erected in memory of those who gave their lives in the service of their country." Gold Star Mothers

A parade of dignitaries left from the west side of the bridge, went east around the traffic circle and returned to the west side.

TU April 1, 1958 – Plans to put a second deck on the Veteran's Memorial Bridge dropped in favor of widening the present surface from 60 feet to 102 feet.

TU Dec.18, 1970 – So long to St. Paul Circle.