James Hardy

D&C, May 14, 1897 p10

His work as a rope walker commenced in Chicago six and a half years ago. From Chicago Blondin went to Wembey Park, England, to fill his first engagement, after which he gave exhibitions in different towns in the kingdom, and returning to the Untied States he gave exhibitions of his skill at the World's Fair, which was followed by a tour through Canada.

D&C, May, 15, 1897 p14

Work was commences yesterday at Seneca park stretching the wire cable upon which the Young Blondin will appear next week. When members of the park board, together with officials and newspapermen, arrived it was found that work has been stopped on account of the cable was not long enough to span the gorge of the Genesee. At least 150 feet of cable will have to be spliced on the main section. Workmen had put the cable across the river at another point than where the commissioners had intended. To add to the perplexity , the commissioners discovered that a number of trees had been chopped down on the west bank.

D&C, May 16, 1897 p 13

It was understood the distance across was 450 feet. They were much surprised to find that even the 940 foot cable would not reach. The gorge where the cable is stretched is something over 800 feet across, and the cable will have a sag of about fifteen or twenty feet and will be about 225 feet above the water. Hardy has been engaged by the Rochester Railway Company to give performances all the coming week every day at 2 and 7 P.M.

D&C, May 17, 1897 p8

It was stated yesterday that it will be impossible to get the cable over the Genesee which was slated to be given today by James Hardy Blondin. Everything will be in readiness to-morrow, however, for the rope walker to perform his feats.

D&C, May 19, 1897 p 8

Young Blondin, the high-wire walker, performed for the edification of good sized crowds at Seneca park yesterday afternoon and evening at about 3:15 and 7:30 P.M., respectively, which will be the hours when her will give exhibitions during the rest of the week.

The performance yesterday was very hazardous, the wind being gusty and blowing a veritable gale. In the evening the wind was not so high and Blondin stood on his head and hung by his feet and performed many other feats at a distance of nearly 200 feet above the water.

D&C, May 20, 1879 p 10

Young Blondin\Young Blondin D&C May 20 p10.pdf

D&C, May 21, p 12

A large number witnessed his performance yesterday afternoon, a heavy rain in the evening prevented his walking.

D&C, May 24, p 10

An 18 year old Rochester man claims he walked across the wire using a pole Blondin has left.

D&C, May 25. p 12

Young Blondin will remain in Rochester another week and give exhibitions at Sennaca park to-day, to-morrow, Thursday and Saturday. Arrangements have been made by the Rochester Railway Company for an extention of this exhibitions on account of the success of those given. He will walk at 3 o'clock and at 7:30 P.M.

D&C, May 26, 1897 p 5

Yesterday morning when Young Blondin went down to Seneca park to prepare for his afternoon performance, he found that during the night someone had been down the bank on the west side and cut eight or nine of his guy ropes, while other were loosened.

An article in the Rochester Daily Democrat had some pictures.