Walkway Area Pictures

Turning Point Walkway Mourning Cloak Butterfly Kingfisher
Turning Point WalkwayMourning Cloak ButterflyKingfisher
Cabbage Butterfly Silver-Streaked Skipper Monarch Butterfly
Cabbage ButterflySilver-Streaked SkipperMonarch Butterfly
White Tail Deer Black Swallowtail White Tail Deer
White Tail DeerBlack Swallowtail ButterflyWhite Tail Deer
Hairy Woodpecker Pileated Woodpecker Downey Woodpecker
Hairy WoodpeckerPileated WoodpeckerDowney Woodpecker
Mute Swan Great Egret Great Blue Heron
Mute SwanGreat EgretGreat Blue Heron
House Wren Red Winged Black Bird Chickedee & Wren
House WrenRed Winged Black BirdChickedee & Wren
Northern Leopard Frog Goldfinch Toads mating
Northern Leopard FrogGoldfinchToads
Bufflehead Ducks Mallard Duck Wood Ducks
Bufflehead DucksMallard DuckWood Ducks
Midland Painted Turtle Turtles Eastern Painted Turtle
Midland Painted Turtle (?)TurtlesEastern Painted Turtle
Heron and Turtles Freshwater Clam Northern Water Snake
Heron and TurtlesFreshwater ClamNorthern Water Snake
Garter Snake Fawn Under Downed Tree Snapping Turtle
Garter SnakeFawn Under Downed TreeSnapping Turtle